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on holding 1st Regular Session of FERK in 2023

Pursuant Article 32, paragraph 1 of Law on Electricity in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Official Gazette of the Federation of BiH, 66/13, 94/15, 54/19, 1/22 and 61/22), Article 20 of FERK Statute (Official Gazette of the Federation of BiH, 24/14 and 91/15) and Articles 14 and 17 of FERK Rules on Procedure (Official Gazette of the Federation of BiH, 29/14 and 31/16 and 84/19) FERK will hold its 1st Regular Session in 2023, on Tuesday, 10 January 2023, starting at 14:00, in FERK Headquarters in Mostar, Kneza Domagoja 12A.

On the 1st Regular Session the following agenda will be considered:

  1. Adoption of Minutes from the 24th Regular Session held on 22 December 2022;
  2. Consideration and decision upon proposal for Power Generation License, of applicants:
    • PLAVO SUNCE d.o.o. from Čitluk;
    • TEAM:MEDIA d.o.o. from Vogošća;
    • BORAK owner Begić Ibrahim, Zagrađe;
    • ‘Energi-Europa’ d.o.o. Prozor-Rama;
    • O.O. RIV from Drvar;
  3. Consideration and decision upon proposal for Power Generation in RES Micro Plants License, of applicants:
    • BOSŠUMČAJ’ d.o.o. Sarajevo; (solar PV plant BOSŠUMČAJ’)
    • ‘ĆANDRO’, owner Branka Ćurić from Prozor- Rama; (solar PV plant ‘Zelenika 1’)
    • SE ‘PAP-SOLLUX’ owner Ivan Paponja, Čitluk; (solar PV plant ‘PAP-SOLLUX’)
  4. Consideration and decision upon claim on Decision No. 03-4-221- 32262-1/2022 dated 24 June 2022 made by JP Elektroprivreda BiH d.d. – Sarajevo, Branch Office ‘Elektrodistribucija’ Sarajevo.


Mostar, 23 December 2022                                                FERK PRESIDENT (Acting)

No. 01-02-1-1688-1/22                                                                      Mile Srdanović


Weighted electricity price:

  • product 1
    Current Tarrif rates for JP EP BiH d.d. Sarajevo
  • Tarifni stavovi za Javno Podizeće "Elektroprivreda hrvatske Zajednice Herceg-Bosne" d.d. Mostar
    Current Tarrif rates for JP "EP HZ HB" d.d. Mostar

Where we are:

Regulatory Commission for Energy in FBiH - FERK
Kneza Domagoja 12 A
BA-88000 Mostar
Bosnia and Herzegovina

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